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Credit Card- Roadside Assistance Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know About

Your car blows a tire or breaks down, and you are stranded. Don’t worry, the good thing is that you have a Credit Card.  The emergency number on the back of your card could be your way out. Most cardholders possibly have reduced price or free roadside assistance available for urgent situations, but they don’t realize it. Maybe you do too- don’t get stuck while you can always ask for careful coordination and assistance services to get your car back you on track.

You can benefit from services like changing a flat tire, towing, boosting a battery just a phone call away though with some model exclusions and other restrictions that your service provider should state prior.

Insurance companies and car manufacturers offer search services, more so with luxury brands. In case you don’t have AAA membership, which is a preferred go-to for most people looking for roadside assistance, check your wallet and fish out your credit card to enjoy your roadside assistance benefits.

What each Card offers

For Visa MasterCard and Discover Card

They all use Roadside Dispatch, except with Visa, not all cards come with the offer. Whether a particular card is viable for the offer depends on your card issuer. Virtually all Visa Signature cards come with it or perhaps with more benefits as well.

The primary benefits you can reap off your Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card include

  • Fuel delivery (up to 5 gallons minus the cost of fuel).
  • Towing (up to 5 miles).
  • Battery boost (Jump-starting).
  • Lockout services (no replacement of keys).
  • Winching (for paved or county maintained roads only- within 100 feet).
  • Tire changing (must have an inflated spare).

American Express

They provide roadside assistance at your cost unless your card is viable to their premium roadside assistance.

American Express’ Premium Roadside Assistance provides free of charge services, up to four times every year in the United States, Canada, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

  • Flat tire change (must have spare)
  • lockout service (when key is in car)
  • Fuel delivery (up to 2 gallons)
  • Towing (up to 10 miles)
  • Winching
  • Battery boosts

You can use three cards to access American Express’ Premium Credit Card roadside assistance;

Either The American Express Premier Rewards Gold card or The American Express Platinum Card which however doesn’t cover hired cars, taxis, motorbikes, taxis, unlicensed cars, or trucks and tractors (over 10,000 pounds) or. The Starwood Amex only offers the American Express basic package which you will have to pay for.

I wouldn’t go for a credit card just because of its roadside assistance benefits but knowing your card has it is an advantage. For people who wish to create a separate account with providers like EMB who offer roadside assistance merchant accounts.

Why Should You Give Your Car for Servicing?

Car servicing is essential to make your car run smoothly without any damage being caused. Well, however, the servicing procedures and time period will be mentioned in the user manual of your vehicle. One has to look into that and give your vehicle for serving accordingly. Now you have to select the best servicing company. TS Auto Services and Accessories is a company that is famous for car servicing in Singapore. The three main important services that the company provides are Car air conditioner maintenance, wheel balancing and tyre rotation. Cleaning of the air conditioner is done by a method called flushing. In this the dust, moisture, solid particles and ll the other dust are removed the flushing equipment.  When the tyres are out of balance, then there will be a vibration in the tyres while driving them at a speed of 50 to 70 mph. So balancing of the wheel helps to avoid this. Rotation of the wheel is done in order to attain even tread wear and a long life of the tread.

Maintaining Car Battery is Essential

Services regarding car battery include both maintenance and replacement of the batteries. Exspeed batteries servicing company is well known for mobile car battery. The company also provides new batteries at a reasonable price that is of high quality. Apart from just giving the whole responsibility of maintaining your car battery only to your servicing company, there are a few things that you can do to maintain your car battery. Yes, in order to have a well charged battery you should drive your car regularly. You should drive your vehicle at least for once in a week. You should never leave the accessories of your car such as lights when the vehicle is not running as this will lead to the discharge of the battery.

Air conditioner of your car should be checked regularly. If not maintained properly it will lead to weak air flow in the aircon of your car. This may be due to the accumulation of solid dust, mold due to the presence of moisture in the aircon. BH Auto Services is a servicing company that is good at car aircon repair. Aircon leak in a car is an issue that has to be immediately looked into. Leaks are caused due to the moisture content present. This moisture can cause damage to the accumulator, receiver and drier of your car. So, leave your car in the hands of the best aircon servicing company.

Choose the right crane services to meet your elevator needs

Choosing an elevator for your purpose can be quite confounding. Seldom are people aware of what constitutes the makings of a good elevator. How can you ascertain that the kind of lift you choose would be appropriate for your building? How can you be sure that the lift you select would be sufficient to carry on its intended business, smoothly? Well, for such instances, it is necessary to look into crane services as they help you to choose the right elevator for your business and deals with its installation.

When you look for an elevator for your business, think about the purpose it would be fulfilling. Does your business deals with freight cars that need to be lifted and transported? Then freight elevators would be the one for you. However, if you are dealing with a business that requires you to transport passengers as well as goods from one level to the other, then a goods and passenger lifts is the one you should be looking into.

What are the different types of goods cum passenger lifts available?

Such an elevator can lift goods and transport individuals simultaneously. Moreover, they usually have two kinds of mechanisms, hydraulic and traction. The traction type of goods and passenger lifts has three or more ropes supporting the lift and has a high speed. The hydraulic lift on the other hand, is specifically designed to lift heavy loads.

Things to look for while choosing a lift

Apart from a different operating system, there are, however, some standard features that you should look into while choosing a lift from crane services provider. You need to ensure the safety of the passengers while simultaneously transporting goods from one level to another. The inclusion of features such as speed governor, counterweight, ARD system, etc. increases the safety of an elevator. These features, if missing in a certain lift, the suppliers can install the same.

You should look into certain things before choosing goods and passenger lifts. These include:

  • Whether it has a logic controller which is operated by a microprocessor to allow easy access and control of the elevator.
  • What is its speed? Is it less than 39 mpm or more than it?
  • How much weight will it be able to carry? The weight matters a lot as you would be transporting goods as well.
  • Does it meet the BIS standards?
  • How user-friendly is its control panel?
  • Also, look out for extra features like flameproof elevators, maintenance, etc. It will protect you from further trouble in the future.
  • Is it affordable?

You need to choose a lift that comes with certain necessary features that would safeguard the lives of individuals as well as the goods.  Choosing the right elevator also depends upon the company you choose for such a service.

A crane services company that mainly deals with such mechanisms would be better at guiding you through such a process and would help you out with the process of choosing. Consult with such a company, your engineers and go through their brochures thoroughly before you make an informed decision.