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Three Innovative Trucking Business Ideas

Are you ready to become your own boss? Have you been trying to think of ways that you can start your own business and make use of the many skills and experience you’ve acquired over the years? It may just be that a trucking business could be perfect for you. You’ll have the freedom to be out on the road rather than trapped in an office if you choose, you’ll be the one in charge of the direction of the business, and each day will be something new and exciting.

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If a trucking business is something that appeals to you, here’s a look at three innovative business ideas that could help you on your way.

Start Your Own Vacuum Truck Business

If you’ve never seen a vacuum truck before, these are very unique vehicles. This type of truck features a pump and a tank so it can vacuum solids, and liquids. That waste is then transported by the vacuum truck to the proper disposal or treatment site. You can get called to all kinds of different job sites such as a construction site, a person’s residence where they are doing home renovations, you may be needed on a farm where there is animal waste, etc.

You can even have your own customized truck built through a company such as Satellite Industries.

Start Your Own Moving Company

For those who like being active and working with people, a moving truck company could be the right option. With this business you’ll have to decide how far you are willing to go to move people. Do you want to remain local, will you travel all through the state, or maybe across multiple states? It really depends how much you want to be on the road. You will also want to decide whether you plan to be a residential moving service or a commercial one.

Keep in mind this type of company requires a lot of hours, can be extremely tiring, and doesn’t follow the typical Monday through Friday 9am-5pm schedule. You will also need to look into things such as the proper permits, insurances, and licenses.

Start a Transport Trucking Business

This is easily the most involved trucking business you can get into. With transport trucking, again you need to think about how long you’re willing to spend on the road. This one can also be a very expensive business to get started in if you want to be the owner/operator of your own transport truck. This type of avenue is best for those who already have contacts in the industry so you will have some clients you can get started with.

Again it’s a business with long hours, but it can be really rewarding to be out on the open road and making your own career path.

Pick the Best Fit

A trucking business could be exactly what you’re looking for as you search for that “perfect” career. With your own trucking business, you’ll be able to enjoy a freedom that an office job just can’t offer.

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