Truck Driver Shortage affecting both Retailers and Customers

If everything’s price hikes in the coming few months you may probably blame on it the fact that there aren’t enough truck drivers to make deliveries to stores.

It’s sad to see how the severe shortage of truckers is leading to a rise in freight costs and, sequentially, increasing retail prices. And sometimes, retailers experience a spree of empty shelves due to late deliveries. While some are counting on self-driving trucks to ease the tension, experts say the driver shortfalls may persist or even get worse over the coming few years.

The crisis is far-reaching, even affecting the stock market & corporate profits as the high costs of transportation weigh heavily on company earnings. At times manufacturers have unwillingly stopped production due to the late arrival of raw materials.

The truck driver chomp has persisted for years despite the fact that a small group of millennials has been working hard spending weeks from home on cross-country trips to make deliveries. But it has also strengthened the economy, led to increase in demand for products like oil, housing supplies & consumer electronics. The fast-rising shipments by e-commerce companies, particularly Amazon has added to the congestion.

“We have never experienced a situation like this before; the demand is high, and the workforce is limited,” says Bob Costello, The chief economist American Trucking Associations (ATA).

Industry safety officials launched an operation on April 1 enforcing a law demanding that all trucks carry along electronic devices that enable company owners to monitor their compliance to the minimum driving span (before taking a break). This requirement has reduced the number of trucks in operation at any given time and caused some drivers to quit the business thus contributing to the decreased capacity.

According to the ATA, there is a 51,000 shortage of truck drivers countrywide, a figure up from 2013’s 20,000 and 2016’s 36,500. The company predicts the driver gap may increase to a whopping 100,000 by the year 2021.

The constraints in shipping were acute at the start of the year due to harsh weather conditions and the driver scarcity. The conditions eased a bit in March when the Chinese reduced shipments to United States ports at New Year. But the shortages are mounting again because spring home-building is near and laws on driving limits have become more stringent.

At the losing end are retailers who have to pay more for shipment, sometimes even seeking merchant cash advance to get the extra money. Truck Firms have increased rates from 6 to 10 percent in the past year to pay off higher wages and make the most of the high demand and limited workforce.

To offset the higher shipping costs, business owners have raised shelf prices from the beginning of 2018, but most of them pulled back following Amazon and Walmart’s bold stand to retain last year prices, says Scott Mushkin, a Market analyst at Wolfe Research. But Scott still fears that freight costs may shoot higher forcing business owner to increase shelf prices later this year.


Author bio: As an account executive, Michael Hollis has funded millions by using alternative merchant cash advancesolutions. His experience and extensive knowledge of the industry has become a true asset for First American Merchant.  


Three Innovative Trucking Business Ideas

Are you ready to become your own boss? Have you been trying to think of ways that you can start your own business and make use of the many skills and experience you’ve acquired over the years? It may just be that a trucking business could be perfect for you. You’ll have the freedom to be out on the road rather than trapped in an office if you choose, you’ll be the one in charge of the direction of the business, and each day will be something new and exciting.

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If a trucking business is something that appeals to you, here’s a look at three innovative business ideas that could help you on your way.

Start Your Own Vacuum Truck Business

If you’ve never seen a vacuum truck before, these are very unique vehicles. This type of truck features a pump and a tank so it can vacuum solids, and liquids. That waste is then transported by the vacuum truck to the proper disposal or treatment site. You can get called to all kinds of different job sites such as a construction site, a person’s residence where they are doing home renovations, you may be needed on a farm where there is animal waste, etc.

You can even have your own customized truck built through a company such as Satellite Industries.

Start Your Own Moving Company

For those who like being active and working with people, a moving truck company could be the right option. With this business you’ll have to decide how far you are willing to go to move people. Do you want to remain local, will you travel all through the state, or maybe across multiple states? It really depends how much you want to be on the road. You will also want to decide whether you plan to be a residential moving service or a commercial one.

Keep in mind this type of company requires a lot of hours, can be extremely tiring, and doesn’t follow the typical Monday through Friday 9am-5pm schedule. You will also need to look into things such as the proper permits, insurances, and licenses.

Start a Transport Trucking Business

This is easily the most involved trucking business you can get into. With transport trucking, again you need to think about how long you’re willing to spend on the road. This one can also be a very expensive business to get started in if you want to be the owner/operator of your own transport truck. This type of avenue is best for those who already have contacts in the industry so you will have some clients you can get started with.

Again it’s a business with long hours, but it can be really rewarding to be out on the open road and making your own career path.

Pick the Best Fit

A trucking business could be exactly what you’re looking for as you search for that “perfect” career. With your own trucking business, you’ll be able to enjoy a freedom that an office job just can’t offer.

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What to Consider Before Becoming a Trucker

Becoming a trucker can be a gratifying career choice. The million-dollar question is whether it will be a gratifying experience for you. To answer this question, it helps to consider a few things before deciding whether you want to invest time and money into becoming a trucker.

The Value of Trucking

Trucking is a very valuable profession. In fact, it is so valuable, you don’t have to worry about it becoming an obsolete profession any time soon. So, it is well worth the investment if you decide to take this career path. As a trucker, you are tasked with the responsibility of transporting goods across the city, state, or even the country. Your truck will be filled with a combination of items people want and need. You could even drive a truck responsible for long-distance business relocations. Without truckers, moving entire businesses and/or their inventory would be much more difficult and expensive.

Business Financing

One of the first things you need to think about before investing time and money into becoming a trucker is how you are going to pay for your new career choice. Namely, you need to think about how to eat the cost of customers who take forever to pay invoices for the services you offer.

Fortunately, there are services such as which offer a great way to turn unpaid invoices into immediate cash. Factoring involves selling outstanding freight bills to a factoring company that takes over the headache of the collection process so you don’t have to. Did I mention you get paid that same day? This way you can spend the money you make from the customers as soon as you need it, as opposed to waiting one, two, or even three months for the invoice to clear.

Trucker Requirements

Some people underestimate just how much effort and skill a person has to put into being a trucker. Truthfully, this isn’t a career path anyone can take. For starters, you must be mentally and physically capable of sitting for long periods of time. Truckers are masters of knowing how to stay awake and focused on long drives.

A trucker is also an individual who genuinely loves driving. For obvious reasons, this isn’t an ideal professional for someone who isn’t a big fan of getting behind the wheel.

Licensing Requirements

You must have the time needed to invest in studying to become a licensed truck driver. No trucking company will hire you if you aren’t licensed to drive heavy vehicles. Furthermore, getting a trucking license isn’t as simple as walking into the DMV and taking a test.

You’re going to need a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and, likely, to have graduated from a truck driving school for the big rigs. Each state will handle intrastate guidelines but interstate regulations are handled by the federal government.

Types of Truck Drivers

You also have to decide what type of truck driver you are going to be. There are truck drivers who prefer to work 40-hours a week and truck drivers who prefer to live on the road. The first type of truck driver usually has local routes. They go out and drive for 8 to 12 hours a day and then they come home. The second type of truck driver is responsible for long distance routes. A long-distance truck driver can be away from home for weeks at a time.

The trucker profession isn’t going anywhere any time soon. This profession provides an incredible opportunity to see the world while getting paid to do so. You just have to decide whether or not trucking is the career path you want to take.

Credit Card- Roadside Assistance Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know About

Your car blows a tire or breaks down, and you are stranded. Don’t worry, the good thing is that you have a Credit Card.  The emergency number on the back of your card could be your way out. Most cardholders possibly have reduced price or free roadside assistance available for urgent situations, but they don’t realize it. Maybe you do too- don’t get stuck while you can always ask for careful coordination and assistance services to get your car back you on track.

You can benefit from services like changing a flat tire, towing, boosting a battery just a phone call away though with some model exclusions and other restrictions that your service provider should state prior.

Insurance companies and car manufacturers offer search services, more so with luxury brands. In case you don’t have AAA membership, which is a preferred go-to for most people looking for roadside assistance, check your wallet and fish out your credit card to enjoy your roadside assistance benefits.

What each Card offers

For Visa MasterCard and Discover Card

They all use Roadside Dispatch, except with Visa, not all cards come with the offer. Whether a particular card is viable for the offer depends on your card issuer. Virtually all Visa Signature cards come with it or perhaps with more benefits as well.

The primary benefits you can reap off your Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card include

  • Fuel delivery (up to 5 gallons minus the cost of fuel).
  • Towing (up to 5 miles).
  • Battery boost (Jump-starting).
  • Lockout services (no replacement of keys).
  • Winching (for paved or county maintained roads only- within 100 feet).
  • Tire changing (must have an inflated spare).

American Express

They provide roadside assistance at your cost unless your card is viable to their premium roadside assistance.

American Express’ Premium Roadside Assistance provides free of charge services, up to four times every year in the United States, Canada, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

  • Flat tire change (must have spare)
  • lockout service (when key is in car)
  • Fuel delivery (up to 2 gallons)
  • Towing (up to 10 miles)
  • Winching
  • Battery boosts

You can use three cards to access American Express’ Premium Credit Card roadside assistance;

Either The American Express Premier Rewards Gold card or The American Express Platinum Card which however doesn’t cover hired cars, taxis, motorbikes, taxis, unlicensed cars, or trucks and tractors (over 10,000 pounds) or. The Starwood Amex only offers the American Express basic package which you will have to pay for.

I wouldn’t go for a credit card just because of its roadside assistance benefits but knowing your card has it is an advantage. For people who wish to create a separate account with providers like EMB who offer roadside assistance merchant accounts.

Why Should You Give Your Car for Servicing?

Car servicing is essential to make your car run smoothly without any damage being caused. Well, however, the servicing procedures and time period will be mentioned in the user manual of your vehicle. One has to look into that and give your vehicle for serving accordingly. Now you have to select the best servicing company. TS Auto Services and Accessories is a company that is famous for car servicing in Singapore. The three main important services that the company provides are Car air conditioner maintenance, wheel balancing and tyre rotation. Cleaning of the air conditioner is done by a method called flushing. In this the dust, moisture, solid particles and ll the other dust are removed the flushing equipment.  When the tyres are out of balance, then there will be a vibration in the tyres while driving them at a speed of 50 to 70 mph. So balancing of the wheel helps to avoid this. Rotation of the wheel is done in order to attain even tread wear and a long life of the tread.

Maintaining Car Battery is Essential

Services regarding car battery include both maintenance and replacement of the batteries. Exspeed batteries servicing company is well known for mobile car battery. The company also provides new batteries at a reasonable price that is of high quality. Apart from just giving the whole responsibility of maintaining your car battery only to your servicing company, there are a few things that you can do to maintain your car battery. Yes, in order to have a well charged battery you should drive your car regularly. You should drive your vehicle at least for once in a week. You should never leave the accessories of your car such as lights when the vehicle is not running as this will lead to the discharge of the battery.

Air conditioner of your car should be checked regularly. If not maintained properly it will lead to weak air flow in the aircon of your car. This may be due to the accumulation of solid dust, mold due to the presence of moisture in the aircon. BH Auto Services is a servicing company that is good at car aircon repair. Aircon leak in a car is an issue that has to be immediately looked into. Leaks are caused due to the moisture content present. This moisture can cause damage to the accumulator, receiver and drier of your car. So, leave your car in the hands of the best aircon servicing company.

Choose the right crane services to meet your elevator needs

Choosing an elevator for your purpose can be quite confounding. Seldom are people aware of what constitutes the makings of a good elevator. How can you ascertain that the kind of lift you choose would be appropriate for your building? How can you be sure that the lift you select would be sufficient to carry on its intended business, smoothly? Well, for such instances, it is necessary to look into crane services as they help you to choose the right elevator for your business and deals with its installation.

When you look for an elevator for your business, think about the purpose it would be fulfilling. Does your business deals with freight cars that need to be lifted and transported? Then freight elevators would be the one for you. However, if you are dealing with a business that requires you to transport passengers as well as goods from one level to the other, then a goods and passenger lifts is the one you should be looking into.

What are the different types of goods cum passenger lifts available?

Such an elevator can lift goods and transport individuals simultaneously. Moreover, they usually have two kinds of mechanisms, hydraulic and traction. The traction type of goods and passenger lifts has three or more ropes supporting the lift and has a high speed. The hydraulic lift on the other hand, is specifically designed to lift heavy loads.

Things to look for while choosing a lift

Apart from a different operating system, there are, however, some standard features that you should look into while choosing a lift from crane services provider. You need to ensure the safety of the passengers while simultaneously transporting goods from one level to another. The inclusion of features such as speed governor, counterweight, ARD system, etc. increases the safety of an elevator. These features, if missing in a certain lift, the suppliers can install the same.

You should look into certain things before choosing goods and passenger lifts. These include:

  • Whether it has a logic controller which is operated by a microprocessor to allow easy access and control of the elevator.
  • What is its speed? Is it less than 39 mpm or more than it?
  • How much weight will it be able to carry? The weight matters a lot as you would be transporting goods as well.
  • Does it meet the BIS standards?
  • How user-friendly is its control panel?
  • Also, look out for extra features like flameproof elevators, maintenance, etc. It will protect you from further trouble in the future.
  • Is it affordable?

You need to choose a lift that comes with certain necessary features that would safeguard the lives of individuals as well as the goods.  Choosing the right elevator also depends upon the company you choose for such a service.

A crane services company that mainly deals with such mechanisms would be better at guiding you through such a process and would help you out with the process of choosing. Consult with such a company, your engineers and go through their brochures thoroughly before you make an informed decision.

316 Chemicals Found in Faucet Water – What number of Would you say you are Drinking?

There are truly hundreds, if not a great many faucet water chemicals. Some are there accordingly of modern action. Some are normally happening. Others are placed in by the treatment offices.

Substance Risk

The risk of presentation to them fluctuates. Researchers are worried that the sheer number and their mixes could have impeding impacts of different sorts.

Substance Insurance

The main intelligent thing to do about faucet water chemicals is to introduce a decent purifier on your kitchen sink and in your shower. You can even introduce one at the point where the funnels come into your home which is known all in all house channel.

What is Perchlorate?

One of the aggravates that have specialists most concerned is called perchlorate. It is an actually happening substance in the universe. It was as of late recognized as one of the mixes found on the surface of Mars. Be that as it may, it is additionally a component of rocket fuel and a medication.

It was utilized as a part of early years to treat hyperthyroidism is as yet endorsed by a few doctors for that reason. Utilization by a solid individual, especially a tyke, would meddle with typical thyroid capacity and repress development.

Treatment offices are required to quantify for some faucet water chemicals, yet not perchlorate or different medications. Things being what they are, what number of conceivably dangerous mixes would you say you are expending when you drink from your kitchen tap? There is no precise approach to discover that. It is likely that you are expending handfuls, if not several unique ones all the time.

On the off chance that you are adjusted by an open treatment office, the synthetic chlorine or chloramine is basically constantly present. The sums utilized by the treatment offices shift, as indicated by the season of year and the state of the funnels. In some cases, you can notice it or even observe it.

We won’t not comprehend the risk of other faucet water chemicals, however we realize that chlorine is a poison. Utilization causes frailty in kids. The greatest “safe” levels, as controlled by the EPA depend on what might be alright for a grown-up, not a kid, to expend. deschloroketamine

Chlorine vapors or gasses are discharged in the house at whatever point a man washes up or shower. Washing dishes and bubbling water for cooking likewise discharges the gasses. Chlorine gas was utilized as a concoction weapon amid World War I. It is an upper respiratory aggravation. The sum that amasses in the house can without much of a stretch trigger and asthma assault or cause other respiratory issues.

Around twelve of the faucet water chemicals fall into a gathering known as trihalomethanes or THMs. THMs are known cancer-causing agents. They cause malignancy. Chloroform gas is one of them. Scientists trust that THM introduction in the home enormously builds a man’s lifetime danger of bladder, colorectal and different sorts of growth. We devour them and breathe in them. They are likewise assimilated through the skin amid a shower or shower.

Medications are among the substance aggravates that have been found in freshwater supplies all through the US and whatever is left of the world. Estrogen, nicotine and caffeine are among the most widely recognized. Be that as it may, hints of heart medicines and psychoactive mixes used to treat epilepsy, wretchedness and nervousness have additionally been found in a few examples.

What’s more, now please visit the CleanWaterPure site recorded underneath for refreshed data on the most proficient method to expel chemicals from your faucet water.

Want To Buy or Sell Used Trucks?

Are you confused where to buy used trucks, trailers, agricultural and construction equipments? Then here is the right place for you to buy or sell your used heavy vehicles. Yes, if you are a buyer and you are in search of a seller, then Truck 1 helps you find the best seller from any part of the world. The company has been helping both the buyers and sellers of used trucks, trailers, agricultural and construction almost all around the world for almost more than 10 years.  In this website you can even find trucks of top most companies such as Mercedes. Various models of trucks such as Mercedes Axor, Mercedes-Benz Atego, Mercedes-Benz SK 1820, Mercedes Benz 2626 AK 6X6 and many more. When you look into the website, you can find the year of production, mileage, axle configuration, power output, payload and gross weight along with the image of each truck. This will help the buyers to check if their requirements are fulfilled by the trucks and other heavy vehicles available in Truck 1.

Truck 1 does not only help the buyers but also helps the sellers to sell their used trucks, trailers and other equipments. If you want to sell your used vehicles all that you have to do is to add your company by registering it in Truck 1. The next thing that you should look into is how to advertise your vehicles. The advertisements should be quite attractive that it draws the attention of the buyers. In case of further clarifications, you can visit the Truck 1 website and you will find more info here In case you do not get to find the type of vehicle that you want in the Truck 1 website you can make the Wanted enquiry. The website will convey the enquiries to the sellers and will help you in buying the vehicle you want. What are you waiting for? Want to buy or lease a used truck or want to sell used truck and other vehicles? In Truck 1 you can get commercial vehicles by not paying the whole price all together. Truck 1 is the best and most trustworthy website that you can prefer.

Are You Stuck Because Of 18 Wheeler Accidents?

This is mainly to those who are struggling to spend their life due to such big truck accidents, and no one accept this as a reason for such a big consequences. And if you are ready to avail compensation for it legally, you might have the higher possibility of losing, the main reason behind this is most of the truck company work closely with their lawyers to win by their side. For this they will do hire as many experienced and intellectual lawyers. This will be the main things which pull you back while trying to file your case in court. The victim for such truck accidents might be the truck drivers and their carelessness, and negligence. This might be a small mistake for them but that can change the affected person and their surrounding a lot, and the simple reason that is heard most often from the drivers is overworked.

This accident may have several issues left behind in you and your body and some are severe injuries, loss of any part, physic-injuries, mental and physical disorders, and many more. To help you with all sorts of worries, KRW Truck Accident Lawyers have their emergence and they are much successful in their journey with more and more happier and satisfied clients.

Accident Lawyers To Compensate Your Loss

The first and foremost advice they provide you is to concentrate much on your case as provided by the opponent (Truck Company). You can trust the San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyers at Ketterman, Rowland & Westlund and they will do the rest for your case. They will enquire you about the accident and collect the detailed information. You will also be asked to submit the detailed record of the medical bills, medical procedures, treatment description, vehicle damage, and lost wages, etc. The reason for which they focus on truck accidents is as per a survey there are almost 5000 deaths and countless severe injuries recorded against the truck accidents. It is not that you are blaming the driver but you can even blame the company who forced for the overwork.

Tips for Planning Your Next Vacation

Taking a vacation is always going to be appealing. Whether it is somewhere warm or cold, getting out of town for a few days or a few weeks is always nice. But before you start to pack up your favorite Columbia shorts, swimsuit and more, you’ll want to properly plan your trip to ensure you are actually heading somewhere you want to be.

Here are a few tips to help you plan your next vacation.

Consider all of your options

Vacations don’t just have to be hopping on the plane and booking a hotel stay somewhere for a few days. There are cruises, camping trips and so much more that you can do. You don’t want to limit yourself, so it is important to consider all of your options before committing to one thing. Either way, the goal is to have fun, so if it is more appealing to go to Hawaii for a week, the go for it.

Be realistic

There are so many different places you can go on vacation. When you start planning, you want to be realistic about your destination. Not only does that mean picking some place affordable, but also go somewhere you know you’ll love. For many people looking to get out of town, this is a destination that is warm, sunny and offers a variety of activities.

Create an itinerary

A lot of people are against having an itinerary because they feel as though having a plan can take away from the trip. Sometimes it can be annoying to have to stick to a schedule, but knowing when things are happening can actually help you maximize the fun you experience on your trip. Even if you don’t have an itinerary packed full of activities, it will be nice to know that you can fit in everything you want to do.

Everyone should go on vacation at least once a year to escape the many stressed of life. Between paying bills, going to work and trying to stay healthy, it will be nice to not have to worry about things for a moment. If you follow the tips for planning your next vacation, all you’ll have to do is pack up and head out when it is time to go on your trip.