Car servicing

Why Should You Give Your Car for Servicing?

Car servicing is essential to make your car run smoothly without any damage being caused. Well, however, the servicing procedures and time period will be mentioned in the user manual of your vehicle. One has to look into that and give your vehicle for serving accordingly. Now you have to select the best servicing company. TS Auto Services and Accessories is a company that is famous for car servicing in Singapore. The three main important services that the company provides are Car air conditioner maintenance, wheel balancing and tyre rotation. Cleaning of the air conditioner is done by a method called flushing. In this the dust, moisture, solid particles and ll the other dust are removed the flushing equipment.  When the tyres are out of balance, then there will be a vibration in the tyres while driving them at a speed of 50 to 70 mph. So balancing of the wheel helps to avoid this. Rotation of the wheel is done in order to attain even tread wear and a long life of the tread.

Maintaining Car Battery is Essential

Services regarding car battery include both maintenance and replacement of the batteries. Exspeed batteries servicing company is well known for mobile car battery. The company also provides new batteries at a reasonable price that is of high quality. Apart from just giving the whole responsibility of maintaining your car battery only to your servicing company, there are a few things that you can do to maintain your car battery. Yes, in order to have a well charged battery you should drive your car regularly. You should drive your vehicle at least for once in a week. You should never leave the accessories of your car such as lights when the vehicle is not running as this will lead to the discharge of the battery.

Air conditioner of your car should be checked regularly. If not maintained properly it will lead to weak air flow in the aircon of your car. This may be due to the accumulation of solid dust, mold due to the presence of moisture in the aircon. BH Auto Services is a servicing company that is good at car aircon repair. Aircon leak in a car is an issue that has to be immediately looked into. Leaks are caused due to the moisture content present. This moisture can cause damage to the accumulator, receiver and drier of your car. So, leave your car in the hands of the best aircon servicing company.