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Credit Card- Roadside Assistance Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know About

Your car blows a tire or breaks down, and you are stranded. Don’t worry, the good thing is that you have a Credit Card.  The emergency number on the back of your card could be your way out. Most cardholders possibly have reduced price or free roadside assistance available for urgent situations, but they don’t realize it. Maybe you do too- don’t get stuck while you can always ask for careful coordination and assistance services to get your car back you on track.

You can benefit from services like changing a flat tire, towing, boosting a battery just a phone call away though with some model exclusions and other restrictions that your service provider should state prior.

Insurance companies and car manufacturers offer search services, more so with luxury brands. In case you don’t have AAA membership, which is a preferred go-to for most people looking for roadside assistance, check your wallet and fish out your credit card to enjoy your roadside assistance benefits.

What each Card offers

For Visa MasterCard and Discover Card

They all use Roadside Dispatch, except with Visa, not all cards come with the offer. Whether a particular card is viable for the offer depends on your card issuer. Virtually all Visa Signature cards come with it or perhaps with more benefits as well.

The primary benefits you can reap off your Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card include

  • Fuel delivery (up to 5 gallons minus the cost of fuel).
  • Towing (up to 5 miles).
  • Battery boost (Jump-starting).
  • Lockout services (no replacement of keys).
  • Winching (for paved or county maintained roads only- within 100 feet).
  • Tire changing (must have an inflated spare).

American Express

They provide roadside assistance at your cost unless your card is viable to their premium roadside assistance.

American Express’ Premium Roadside Assistance provides free of charge services, up to four times every year in the United States, Canada, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

  • Flat tire change (must have spare)
  • lockout service (when key is in car)
  • Fuel delivery (up to 2 gallons)
  • Towing (up to 10 miles)
  • Winching
  • Battery boosts

You can use three cards to access American Express’ Premium Credit Card roadside assistance;

Either The American Express Premier Rewards Gold card or The American Express Platinum Card which however doesn’t cover hired cars, taxis, motorbikes, taxis, unlicensed cars, or trucks and tractors (over 10,000 pounds) or. The Starwood Amex only offers the American Express basic package which you will have to pay for.

I wouldn’t go for a credit card just because of its roadside assistance benefits but knowing your card has it is an advantage. For people who wish to create a separate account with providers like EMB who offer roadside assistance merchant accounts.