2017 GMC ACADIA Is the Most Comfortable Family Car

2017 GMC ACADIA is one of the most innovative cars that has been designed not only by the engineers but it is designed with the help of common people such as families, friends, parents and even the people who dream of cars. The designing of the car mainly focused not only on features and the interiors of the car but also on the experiences of the people and customers point of views.

The features that help families to utilized and enjoy the driving are mainly used in designing 2017 GMC ACADIA. Let us discuss some of the interesting and highly useful features that will make the 2017 GMC ACADIA a popular car.

Ample storage capacity

The car should allow enough space which helps in organizing loads of luggage efficiently and makes it more comfortable even on longer journeys. The adjustments to utilize the space inside the car and to make it comfy, pockets can be provided on the doors of both driver and passenger sides.

The second row of the car too offers spacious pockets on the doors of both sides and a small pull-out drawer in center console. The adjustable pockets are large enough to store the tiny or medium sized personal belongings such as headphones, small bags, toys and food packets.  For a better quality travel experience OEM GMC wheels play a major role.

Spacious lift-gate for baggage

If you travel with a family having loads of luggage around you and even having it on your lap too. But the 2017 GMC ACADIA car takes care of the load by offering extra cargo space. The special feature introduced for keeping hands-free by using the rear lift-gate, which opens by just pressing the switch.

The lift-gate is spacious in height and width and can easily fit the loads of luggage during the journey which becomes comfortable. Also it has a boot which can open with kick below the seat and it can offer enough space for the entire luggage. It takes care of baggage well and gives you more space to enjoy your family trip.

Smart seating arrangement

2017 GMC ACADIA allows the seating arrangement which can easily slide the seats to create cargo space. The seats in the second or third row can be easily pushed to make space. It also gives a reminder asking the parents for the final check of the rear seats before getting out of the car. The reminder is useful in getting the belongings if any left behind.